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Designing Brands since 2020.

The Marketing Mate brand launched in July 2020 in the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. We understand the struggles of small businesses in the “new age” because we were one too! We provide brand identity in Scotland for businesses throughout the UK.

Web Design Glasgow
Our mission is to provide a transparent, simple web design & brand identity service to small and medium sized businesses. We believe in trustworthy customer service, so we only work with partners who share our values.

Our goal as a business is to grow into a responsible employer, whose focus is on ensuring its colleagues feel wordvalued by their organisation. This is the focal point of our culture, and the drive behind wordour honest and positive communication style.

We are always seeking for partners to work with us. If you’d be interested, please contact us.


Aaron Kerlin-Scott

I rediscovered my passion for web design & branding after ten years absence.

In 2007, I self-taught myself HTML, CSS & how to use Photoshop and Illustrator. My life went in another direction until the pandemic struck & I looked at what I was truly passionate about. I love delivering brand identity in Scotland to solve creative problems.

My career to this point has centred around customer service and I love building relationships with clients to gain a deeper understanding on the problem we are trying to solve. In 2021, I began studying Javascript. I want to ensure The Marketing Mate delivers impeccable customer service alongside efficient projects.

Web Design Glasgow


Suzie Kidger-Clarke

We love working with businesses who care.

Suzie’s message is clear – when you work with Suki Marketing, you become part of the family. With this, she brings over a decade of experience within content marketing and SEO.

We entrust Suzie to deliver high-quality, SEO led content whilst we focus on your brand and user experience. Some of our most successful projects were completed with Suzie. Our partnership makes us stronger.
Web Design Glasgow

Want to partner with us?

Working together is a strength, not a weakness.

We’ve all suffered enough interviews where businesses demand, “tell us about a time where you worked as part of a team and how you added to the value of the project.”

One of our key values is transparency, so we’re happy to clarify which of our partners are involved. You will still get our customer service, but you’ll also get the benefit of experienced, high quality partners. 

Below, we’ve listed the areas where we’d be seeking partnerships. If you’d like to work with The Marketing Mate as we grow our venture, drop us a message so we can talk. Whilst we focus on web design and brand identity in Scotland, we are keen to provide a “one-stop” service for businesses with creative problems.

JavaScript Developer

Though we develop JavaScript in-house, we’d love to work with an experienced JavaScript developer to consult or help us with projects. 

You will be your own boss, within the parameters of the contracts with our customers. There is no ties – you can work with us on a “per-job” basis.


The Marketing Mate is keen to offer competitive printing services alongside our fast-growing branding service. 

We’d love to create a long-lasting relationship with a printing company, who can produce small to medium sized orders for our customers who purchase our brand identity packages. This could include business cards, brochures or leaflets.

Backend Development

Though we are growing within WordPress development right now, we are keen to develop within other content management systems. If you are passionate about efficient CMS or hosting development, let us know. 

Got a question for us?

Whilst we try to be as transparent as we can, we appreciate that every project is different. If you let us know what your goals are, we will work with you to plan the best way to achieve them with our web design service, or brand identity in Scotland.