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Lomond Removals are Scotland’s PREMIER Home & Office Relocation Service, serving the entire UK and beyond. Their mission is to take the stress out of moving home & their experts serve to solve the problems this manic period creates in people’s lives!

We stepped in to make the branding more professional & consistent. The results of our initial 3 month project have seen reach increase by 600%, likes increase by 100% and the amount of likes increase by 8% over this period.

Our passion is delivering value simply. Check their Facebook to see more. 

Creating the brand

Vibrant Branding

Web Design Glasgow

Lomond Removals’ brand is deep purple and popping orange – so we’ve really taken advantage of this in creating their branding. This was the rear face of a leaflet issued out to customers. 

It shows a simplified process map with some beautiful artwork amidst simple content. 

Staying "On Brand"

Web Design Glasgow

This business receives an overwhelming amount of five star reviews – so it was about helping these stand out over screenshots which the team used. 

We used the deep purple with splashes of orange across the quotes to make it clear about the type of content. 

Reviews show social proof, which is vital to any successful business in 2022. 

Make it Current

Web Design Glasgow

The most successful content for their audience is that which describes the jobs the team carry out. 

We’re careful to limit the story – because written content never wins on Facebook – but the happy pictures go a long way to back up their statement of being the country’s PREMIER relocation service. 

Got a question for us?

Whilst we try to be as transparent as we can, we appreciate that every project is different. If you let us know what your goals are, we will work with you to plan the best way to achieve them.