Flying Nickel

Logo Creation & Brand Identity

Web Design Glasgow

This design was created following a competition ran by Will Paterson to design a brand identity for a company using blockchain, seeking to be modern and relevant in their space. 

We chose to create a logomark which flowed between the letter F (for Flying) and a butterfly to symbolise evolving technology or changing into something new. 

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Creating the brand

Vehicle Livery

Web Design Glasgow

A modern technology needs a modern branding for its fleet of vehicles. We went for dark and unassuming, contrasting with the bright and vibrant logomark. 

Sometimes, it’s not about standing out. It’s about delivering with simplicity & letting the beauty of your design do its work. 

Optimised Website

Web Design Glasgow

We created screenshots of a potential online space for Flying Nickel. Colour was reserved the logo and important features such as the hero image up top. 

Every website focuses on our own principle of delivering value in the simplest way. Flashy looks great, but does it sell? No. Value does.

Beautiful Logomark

Web Design Glasgow

The butterfly represents hope, change & transformation. It also beautifully resembles the letter F, which links it to the name of the brand. 

Not every logo needs to fit spiritually with the values and visions of the business – but it can help when it suits.

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