Aaron Kerlin-Scott

Aaron Kerlin-Scott

Five Surprising Secrets to Successful Websites

The internet has become a large part of the shopping process across the world as Coronavirus bites once again. Now, potential customers are left searching the internet to make purchasing decisions. As a result of being a small business, you cannot take advantage of impulse buying. 

So, we must deliver information in a way that is: 

  1. Simple.
  2. Professional. 
  3. Value driven.

Here are my top reasons on why you must invest in a website in 2021: 

Marketing is Vital

I have seen so many “marketing specialists” say you don’t need a website unless you are seeking to convert leads. If you have an online business, what else could you be seeking to do? 

The only exception, in my view, would be a business whose perfect customer does not use Google and purchases solely through Social Media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. They can’t have a tendency to click on advertisements. Where would they go?

Your website is the foundation of your online presence. Any action you take online will drive people to your website. So, it needs to be laid out as clearly as your overall marketing strategy. As the final hurdle to a purchase, it must not fail you. 

Last week, I covered the importance of leading your customer to a well-structured landing page. This is still part of your website. You might not know what a marketing funnel is, but you know you want to scale your business in 2021. So, you find me through my social media or marketing and then you can access my free content… available on my website!

You want to have a base online to send every interested party to find out more. Your social media account still sits on a third party website. Your own website is the only place you have full control of what information you provide, and how it is provided to visitors. 

Control Your Sales

To succeed, you need to sell. The higher quality information available on your website, the better your SEO score. The better your SEO score, the higher you rank on Google. This increases your popularity and presence online. If you can increase the traffic to your website then you can increase your sales providing your offering is good enough for your perfect customer. 

Without a website, you cannot increase your offering. You are limiting your success to the ever-changing algorithms that control social media. Google is slightly clearer about what you need to achieve a high organic search ranking. So, take advantage of that. 

You Are Who You Say

Businesses without websites are risking a damaging amount of lost sales, because people won’t take a chance. There are so many competitors in every niche, that it’s safer to select the business who has a website compared to one that doesn’t – no matter the benefit of choosing you. 

People can see what your brand is saying and doing. It says more than your content marketing strategy. It describes your mission and values. You can tell people why you do what you do, and how you came to do it. You can build a level of trust that you can’t do through social media. Your social media content can’t lend itself to you expressing those important pieces of information. 

Investing in a professional website can take giant steps to building authority in your sector. You want to create a unique, simple experience. There’s no need for flashy animations – you just need something that works and offers answers in a way that is effective and helpful. 

If your competitors have a website, no matter the quality, they are ahead of you. You will be losing customers because of this, and there’s no way around it. 

Give Answers Easily

Any effective website should offer information in the simplest way possible, and also the fullest. If you offer your packages, without offering prices, then your lead will go somewhere else that does. Not everyone wants to make contact until they’re sure about proceeding. So, make your information accessible for them. 

Your website will work harder and longer than any employee you could hire. There’s no need to ensure consistency, because you can direct someone to your website. The layout of your content is static. Facebook and other social media will shift your information around, depending on what the user is browsing elsewhere. 

Why are you leaving someone else in control of your business’ leads? Don’t. Build a website that works. 

You should also think of the change in consumer behaviour as a result of the pandemic. Different areas have different tiers. So, give every potential customer the same experience – by delivering it online!

Professional sells

Today, people research online before venturing into offices and shops. You need an attractive website that is simple to use. An old or poorly designed website will turn visitors away, which damages your ability to rank on Google search. Your website should achieve the following: 

  1. Straight forward navigation. There should be a linear path to convert a sale. You should also ensure that I don’t need to click through more than three pages. 
  2. Attractive, yet simple design. Your website should look good, but the animations should not distract me. Choose colours and imagery that suits your brand. It should all tie in to selling the benefits of your service or product. If the image doesn’t demonstrate this, then delete it. It’s wasteful. 
  3. Relevant content. This means valuable information that is written in a keyword rich way. It should communicate your main points in the easiest way possible, and keywords and headlines should be contrasting to the body of the content to stand out. 
  4. Good Search Engine Optimization. By tying points 1 to 3 together, you will perform well in Google search results. Having a website & good content are not mutually exclusive. They must be designed together.

Is your website converting less than your competitors?

We specialise in solving creative problems for our customers. If you feel like your website could be performing better, let us know and we will suggest what we could do to improve your online presence in 2022.

Aaron is the Creative Director of The Marketing Mate. His passion lies in minimalist design and delivering valuable content in the simplest way possible. 

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