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Ross’ brand Guiller is well known throughout the West Coast of Scotland for efficient, speedy repairs for electronic devices. Recently, Ross also launched a second arm to his brand’s business, buying and selling devices. 

We worked with Ross to tighten up his logo’s design and create an online space for his newer audience to learn about his business.

Creating the brand

Ecommerce Store

Web Design Glasgow

We designed Guiller’s store to be simple to navigate due to his stock rotating so often. They also have access to an iOS app giving the team the flexibility to change their stock/pricing/offers on the move at the click of a button. 

We integrated a live chat too, built by Facebook Messenger, meaning his clients can chat to him on his site then carry on speaking with Ross and his team as they move around the internet.

Logo Design

Web Design Glasgow

The Guiller logo is largely the same as it was. However, the original was designed using Microsoft office so we took the opportunity to tighten everything up. We kerned the font correctly, and redesigned a bespoke iPhone logo.

Ross was desperate for a design that popped, so we bevelled the font to give the illusion it is jumping out the screen. 

The logo is also used as the sponsor logo on a local team. Hence why the mock-up includes a fictional football strip for the reveal.

Website Build

Web Design Glasgow

The competition within Guiller’s sector is high, so the best chance is to be hyper-specific in his target area. The images have been geotagged to key locations and the keyword rich content is aimed towards Glasgow. Guiller already has a large audience, so their traffic to this website will help people searching for device repair within this area.

Web Design Glasgow
Web Design Glasgow

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