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Cheryl has vast experience within the dental industry, driving improvements in performance and finance for dental practises throughout Scotland. Auxilium Dente launched in 2019, and they approached us to redesign their brand & build an online space for people to find their services.

Creating the brand

Colour Palette

Web Design Glasgow

Cheryl’s ideal colours were gold and green, which was a perfect fit for her brand.

We chose for teal as it symbolises truth. It’s also rejuvenating and represents clear thought & communication. Gold compliments this in its representation of wealth & wisdom. 

Together, these colours give vision to the values of Auxilium Dente. They are transparent with their clients on how they can refocus and improve. 

Logo Design

Web Design Glasgow

Many of Cheryl’s competitors use blue, similar to the NHS or Bupa. We were careful to avoid this cliché and strive for something more striking. 

Initially, the tooth shape was to be a single colour. However, the golden gradient signifies the value of Auxilium Dente’s crucial service to its sector. 

It was important not to stray too far from the target market. Whilst the brand name is Latin for “teeth aid”, it’s not an immediately obvious link. This is why we chose the tooth, to make that link immediate.

Website Build

Web Design Glasgow

Auxilium Dente’s target market is very specific, so it was important to ensure the SEO-led content was built around specific terminology that her target market would search for. 

The content is brief, but factual. The navigation isn’t striking, to keep focus on the content which is driving the customer to contact Cheryl for more information. 

We also created a landing page, which is hyper-specific to site visits. This helps AD target their ideal customer.

Web Design Glasgow

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